The Main Advantages of Women Financial Advisors

During a forum back in 2010, then president of Citi Personal Banking and Wealth Management said that America would never have experienced the 2008 financial crisis if it was the Lehman Sisters and not the Lehman Brothers.

That being said, the financial services industry is still undoubtedly a man’s world. Based on a report by the Bureau of Labor Statistics, only 31% of financial advisors in the US are women, which means almost 8 out of 10 financial brokers and consultants are men. This is contraindicative to the recent findings of a research done by Pershing, a financial consultancy firm under the BNY Mellon group, which revealed a projected rise in demand for women financial advisors.

From the standpoint of financial advisor recruiters, this is a simple economic situation – high demand and low supply equals a lot of opportunities. If you’re a woman in the financial industry, this is a great time to look for better jobs and greener pastures. In doing so, it pays to know what your main advantages are over your male counterparts. This would allow you to strongly position yourself during job interviews.

So, what exactly are your key advantages as a female financial advisor?

Women Understands Women

Women-owned businesses account to trillions of dollars per year. According to the same report from Pershings, female investors are more likely to hire financial consultants than their male counterparts – 46% versus 36%. The study also shows that female clients are more likely to develop a long-term and loyal relationship with a consulting firm. Not coincidentally, most of these women entrepreneurs prefer to hire female advisors. Why do you think is that? For one, it is a consensus in the industry that women clients require more intensive consulting and they take more time than female clients. This is because female investors are more detail-oriented.

Also, the number of wealthy women who are not necessarily investors or entrepreneurs is rising. These are those who just got divorced, was recently widowed, etc. They have real money and they need help in managing their finances. According to financial services recruiters, this new breed of rich women are more comfortable working with female consultants because they are more patient, are typically good listeners and wouldn’t mind hearing about the personal stories of their clients.

Women Generate Clients in More Varied Ways than Men

According to the 2012 Fidelity Broker and Advisor Sentiment survey, 71% of female wealth managers attend industry gatherings and in-person seminars. This is significantly higher compared to the 36% of men who attend such networking events. The report says nothing conclusive about this information but it’s easy to draw an educated hypothesis – women develop more connections and therefore, more opportunities to acquire new clients. Also, women are more open to clients who are looking beyond the traditional investment platforms.

Experts also observe that female financial advisors are craftier in promoting their expertise. Carol Pepper, the woman behind the New York-based investment firm Pepper International wrote a book to promote her services. Chapin Hill Advisors president Kathy Boyle often gives speeches to create thought leadership for the firm. She also use blogging as a tool to reach potential clients.

Women have made and are continuously making their mark in the financial services arena and though they are still outnumbered, it wouldn’t be surprising if they equal or surpass the number of financial advisors in the future.

Practice Test Paper & Mock Test Of Nism Series

National Institute of Securities Markets (NISM) is a public trust, established by the Securities and Exchange Board of India (SEBI), the regulator for securities markets in India. It is located in Navi Mumbai, India. Towards accomplishing the desire of Government of India and vision of SEBI, NISM has launched an effort to deliver financial and securities education at various levels and across various segments in India and abroad. To implement its objectives, NISM has established six distinct schools to cater the educational needs of various constituencies such as investor, issuers, intermediaries, regulatory staff, policy makers, academia and future professionals of securities markets. NISM seeks to add to market quality through educational initiatives. It is an autonomous body governed by its Board of Governors. An international Advisory Council provides strategic guidance to NISM.NISM brings out various publications on securities markets with a view to enhance knowledge levels of participants in the securities industry.

NISM is mandated to develop and implement online test certification for professionals employed in the Indian securities markets. NISM certification tests are designed to deliver financial and securities education at various levels and across various segments. There is no eligibility requirement with regards to age as well as educational qualification to take the NISM exam.

NISM Test or NISM module includes:

NISM-Series-I: Currency Derivatives Certification Examination

NISM-Series-II-A: Registrars to an Issue and Share Transfer Agents Corporate Certification Examination

NISM-Series-II-B: Registrars to an Issue and Share Transfer Agents Mutual Fund Certification Examination

NISM-Series-IV: Interest Rate Derivatives Certification Examination

NISM Series-V A: Mutual Fund Distributors Certification Examination

NISM Series-VI: Depository Operations Certification Examination

NISM-Series-VII: Securities Operations and Risk Management Certification Examination

NISM-Series-VIII: Equity Derivatives Certification Examination

Certified Personal Financial Advisor (CPFA) Examination

The tests aim to impart working knowledge to the candidates on the basics of concerned markets, like currency derivatives markets, interest rate derivative markets, mutual funds, asset management, financial planning, securities market, depository systems, regulatory framework and the ability to analyze and evaluate different financial products and provide effective financial advisory.

Intelivisto, in-line with the objectives of SEBI & NISM, have already started taking different measures for financial education among the masses and budding professionals. These measures are in form of various Securities Market Certification practice tests and Seminars & Workshops on related subject-matters. offers the NISM mock, chapter wise and full length online test for the preparation of NISM exams. Tests designed by Intelivisto experts are as per the parameters set by apex securities market institute NISM. These tests feature 1000 – 1500 questions. Tests carry the same pattern and testing mechanism as set for NISM online tests. Full length tests cover the questions from units in same ratio as set for respective NISM test and analysis of aspirants performance with detailed report at a microscopic level with intelivistos assessment tools.

Business Credit Line Funding On Remote Control Asset Based Lending And Funding Delivers

Business credit line funding needs can be achieved in more ways than one. The concept of having your funding needs on a ‘ remote control ‘ should be very appealing to most business owners / financial managers. Asset based lending via ‘ ABL ‘ credit lines is one way to put your company on cash flow auto pilot. Here’s how. Let’s dig in.

Businesses requiring SME COMMERCIAL FINANCE funding for cash flow are always challenged by the requirements of our somewhat monopolistic banking system in Canada. The strength, market dominance, and the regulated nature of our banks make it often difficult for companies who are even doing quite well to achieve some or all of the financing they need. Simply speaking they fall ‘ outside the box ‘ when it comes to requirements that include profits, cash flows, clean balance sheets, etc.

The banks requirement of covenants in cash flow, debt, profits, equity simply can sometimes not be always met, and these are typically a written part of your bank arrangements. Firms who fall ‘ out of covenant ‘ with their bank often find themselves feeling not so ‘ special ‘ when they are placed in Special Loans Default dept’s at the bank .

By utilizing your firms current and fixed assets asset based lines of credit allow you to leave your business on a kind of ‘ auto pilot ‘ for cash flow financing. That’s because the combination of accounts receivable, inventory and fixed assets allow you to monetize those assets into one single borrowing base that revolves and can be drawn down according to your cash flow needs.

When properly managed and utilized (and structured in advance!) this type of cash flow funding allows you to”

Finance operations

Engage larger clients/ larger orders/contracts

Finance inventory which in many bank circumstances is sometimes not achievable

Typically you would never use your revolving asset based credit line as a mechanism to acquire new assets – this is typically done via equipment leases or bridge loans that sometimes are more applicable when a firm is in a financing transition.

By the way, in a merger and acquisition scenario the Asset Based Credit Line is an excellent way to successfully acquire a target company.

How does the ongoing access to liquidity work in Asset based lending? A/R is often financed at 90%, and inventory borrowing margins, while depending on the type of inventory class (raw materials, work in process, finished goods) can range from 25-75% borrowing power. Should a business choose to monetize fixed assets as part of their revolving credit facility typically a third party appraisal/valuation is required.

It should be noted that ongoing reporting requirements are typical of an asset based line of credit – in some cases owners/managers might find rigorous monthly ( sometimes weekly ) reporting as a ‘ downside ‘ of ABL cash flow financing . While 99% of the time pricing on these facilities is higher than bank credit the alternative is a liquidity crisis for ongoing operations of growth.

We’ve shown how not all business credit lines are not created equal. If you’re prepared to investigate the applicability of asset based lending to your business seek out and speak to a trusted, credible and experienced Canadian business financing advisor who can assist you with your funding needs.

Stan Prokop

How The Internet Changed The Face Of The Stock Market

The Internet has affected the way we live our lives. It has made the world smaller. Now, information is at a persons fingertips. It has elevated online transactions to greater heights. Goods and services can be purchased online via websites. Book a trip, order a take out, bid at an auction, all in the comfort of your own home.

Financial services have also been improved greatly by the Internet. People no longer needed to queue in banks to affect a transfer, or to go to the nearest automated teller machines. Even stock trading has not escaped this assault by the Internet.

Before, the only way to join the trading bandwagon was engaging the services of a broker and trusting them with your money and stock portfolio. This was both a complicated and harrowing experience for the average Joe. Today, virtually any ordinary person can trade stocks on their own, needing only an account which they can open with their preferred bank and an access point to the Internet. Only their financial
skills and finances can limit them.

Stock information usually limited to business programs in televisions and newsprint are now made available by several sources on the Internet. Large brokering firms now provide stock market reports, tips and forecasts to subscribers for a fee.

Buying and selling stocks can now be made by a trader over the Internet using online exchanges. Banks now offer stock trading online to depositors as a way of investing and growing their money. Between May 1999 to January 2000, the number of US households trading stocks and shares online jumped 30 percent from 2.7 million to 3.5 million.

Investment portfolios had also increased 32 percent from $100,000 to $132,000. Even stock brokers have gone online in the hopes of landing more clients. Already, 466 new online stock trading firms have opened in Sweden, 685 in the UK and 1178 in Germany.

Even the face of the stock market has changed considerably with the entry of Internet-related businesses. Over the years, startup companies providing online services, web content and electronic commerce have also put up their stocks in the market. Companies providing services over the Internet such as online search engines have posted some of the most profitable stocks in recent years.

The effect of the Internet on stock trading over the years has been significant. Now, more than ever before, investors are taking control of their own investments, relying less and less on personal brokers.

Atlanta Mortgage Firm Urges Borrowers to Apply for Jumbo Loans

The jumbo loan market is the only bright spot in an otherwise shrinking mortgage market, and an Atlanta company that specializes in refinancing and purchasing of homes believes those dreaming of buying their own home should take advantage of the favorable market conditions. Christensen Financial, Inc., an Atlanta-based company that lends to those dreaming of buying their own homes or refinancing their properties, says that a lot of financial institutions are now relaxing their rules in order to cater to well-off borrowers. It cites that even the big banks in America are stepping up efforts to get more affluent borrowers, while keeping their credit rules tight for other customers. These banks are allowing assets in accounts of their borrowers to serve as collateral, reducing rates for customers with investment accounts, and even accepting lower down payments. In 2014, applications for jumbo loans rose by 4.9 percent, proof that more borrowers are cashing in on the relaxed rules of banks on this type of financing. Jumbo loans are available only to creditworthy borrowers with an average FICO score of 760. Christensen Financial, Inc. advises families and individuals to apply for jumbo loans, or those with a minimum amount of $417,000, so they can buy their dream properties. The firm says home owners in Atlanta and nearby areas wanting to apply for a jumbo loan can visit its website where they can get free quotes and even start their jumbo loan application. About Christensen Financial Christensen Financial is a mortgage company for people looking to buy or refinance their homes. It is backed by a team of highly skilled and experienced mortgage professionals. For more information, please visit Contact Details Lynnette L. Collins947 Courtright Street Balta, ND 58368

Loans for Bankrupt People – Get Your Financial Support Back

If you had declared the bankruptcy, then it is surely your worst day of life. However, at that time you also have different opportunities like loans for bankrupt people which are planned help for bankrupt people. This financial option offers the financial help so that bankrupt people can regain their monetary status.

These loans are available in secured and unsecured form. Borrowers can go for the loan according to their convenient. In the secured from, there is a requirement of placing the security against the loan amount. Without the security lender does not offer the amount. Homeowners can avail the cash with no hassle in the secured form.

However, tenants have the option of unsecured form to avail the loan amount. It is an advantage for the borrowers because of the no risk factor. They can avail the cash without any risk, but at higher interest rate. This is the perfect option if you need small amount to borrow.

With the help of the loans for bankrupt people, borrowers can smile once again because they will use this money to maintain their financial standard again. To get the approval you must be 18 years old with the UK citizen. It is very important that you have stable job so that you can pay back the loan on time. The person must possess an active bank account for the money transaction.

The online mode of applying for this credit option is just fantastic way to get the cash. In the online mode you do not need to go outside and search for the lender. You can easily sit at the front of your computer to make some healthy search.

A good search will be able to give you reliable lender for your procedure. It is very important that you select the right lender because you provide your crucial personal information to your lender.

Alex Jonnes is financial adviser for Online Loanss. click on the links to know more about loans for bankrupt people, payday loans no faxing, payday loans no credit check and extremely bad credit loans.

Current Hospital Management Issues In The Us

In the health care industry, hospital management has emerged as one of the most important areas within the industry because, as a discipline, it integrates medical, practical, social, and economic factors in ensuring the smooth and effective management of hospitals as the main sources of health care provision and services. According to the American Hospital Association (AHA), there are currently 5,708 registered hospitals throughout the US servicing over 37 million patients in a single year. The logistic requirements of overseeing such a huge sector of the health care industry require expert and professional management.

In addition, the AHA official guide to hospital listing requirements, it states that there must be a chief executive responsible for overseeing hospital operations in accordance with established policy. In this light, it is clear that ensuring the smooth delivery of services to patients entails proper hospital management.

As a discipline, hospital management has faced growing demands for high quality medical care and services, as well as facilities where these shall be undertaken. Hospital management serves as the direct link between healthcare facilities and the practitioners, staff, and companies providing the services and products needed to ensure smooth operation. As a highly demanding field, hospital management has faced several issues in the past. The ongoing search for solutions to improve the delivery of superior services to patients is a challenging and difficult task, especially when one considers the major issues involved.

Financial constraints
With the economic downturn currently being felt across US industries, hospital management is also reeling from its effects. In fact, according to American College of Healthcare Executives (ACHE) annual survey regarding issues faced by managers, financial problem is the top issue in hospital management today. Problems such as increased operational costs, the demand for more affordable services, and the like have seriously effected hospital management in unprecedented ways.

Ensuring patient safety and service quality
Despite the financial considerations, a hospital manager must still ensure that the institution is capable of providing superior services to its patients. This aspect requires continuously identifying, conceptualizing, and implementing systems designed to ensure patient safety and service quality. For example, given the drastic limitations in budget, the dilemma is to provide the same level of service quality and patient safety and security at a lesser cost to the hospital.

Employee Satisfaction
Apart from the above, third on the list is maintaining employee satisfaction. Given that hospital personnel are on the frontline of service provision, a hospital manager must keep the employees satisfied and motivate them to produce good work. This area requires a review of stress-inducing factors that heighten employee dissatisfaction. Steps must also be taken to address the issue of lack of control over ones duties and work schedules as well as the lack of access to the decision making process involving hospital personnel.

An effective hospital management system is one that expertly integrates various factorseconomic, financial, social, and professional considerationsto maintain the quality of service and ensure the overall safety and security of its patients. In order to improve an existing management system, these important factors must be considered and ultimately, be addressed.

Card Customers Being Surprised By ‘trailing Interest’

Credit cards customers who are trying to clear their debts are being surprised with further charges even though they may think they have already cleared the balance.

An egg customer and Guardian reader brought the problem to the media attention, the problem can occur when a customer is paying debt carried over from the previous month.

This is what many credit card companies call trailing interest on any negative balance between the issuing of the last statement and the customer paying off the debt.

Some have a minimum fee and if interest does not reach, that amount it will be “topped up” the charge, so borrwers will be repaying no lower than the minimum fee.

Unfair minimum charges

In the case of Egg the minimum is 50p, while at MBNA and Barclays it is 1. For customers with Egg, the internet bank who pay off their debt via direct debit they could incur up to 18 days worth of interest on a balance that they think they have settled in full.

A spokeswoman for Egg, speaking to the Guardian newspaper, said: “Interest is charged on the outstanding balance between our issuing the statement and the payment being made. We request payment via your direct debit 14 days after the statement date.”

Direct debits cannot be called over a weekend so if a customer’s direct debit is due to leave their account on a Saturday or Sunday, we’ll move the payment date to Monday. The longest they’ll go between statement date and paying their account is 16 days – 18 if their payment date falls over the Easter weekend.

The spokeswoman added: “If the interest amounts to less than 50p we top up the charge so it equals that amount. She added that interest would be charged on the outstanding interest and top-up fee.

“All credit card contracts will mention trailing interest in the terms and conditions but more often than not it can be hidden away within the small print of the contract. In Egg’s case the explanation behind the charges has been described as virtually incomprehensible.”

The top-up fee

In the contract it says it will charge, “a top-up fee where the amount of interest charged to your account on any statement is less than 50p and the fee will be the amount required to make the top-up fee plus that interest equal to 50p. Where this applies, your statement will show a 50p minimum finance charge”.

Barclay card mentions on its website that interest is charged until the full date of repayment meaning that you may receive a further interest charge the second month, however there is no mention of the extra 1 pound charge.

Peter Harrison, a credit cards specialist at a leading price comparison website, said too often financial services companies include these wrinkles in their terms and conditions and it is important customers check the details before applying.

He added: “Whilst the sums of money involved are quite small, many customers who want to clear their full balance will, no doubt, find this irritating.”

The extra interest charges are not likely to send customers spiraling back into debt but there is no doubt that many would find it annoying receiving another statement after thinking that the balance had already been paid off.

Accountancy Candidate Recruitment Key To Effective Financial Management

Indeed, managing its accounts and finances is of the crucial importance for any organisation irrespective of its nature and size. And this is where the Accountancy Candidate Recruitment becomes indispensable for an organisation. The Accountant takes care of the accounting system of the organization and enables it to have effective financial management which is one of the prerequisites for the overall development of an organisation. This write-up focuses on an accountants core responsibilities making it vital for any organisation to opt for Accountancy Candidate Recruitment.

Core Responsibilities Of An Accountant:

Contributes in the development and implementation of the organisations accounting system in compliance with the established accounting principles and auditing procedures.

Prepares and supervises categorical program reports and grants to lessen the agency disallowances.

Examines the categorical program and grant expenditures for conformity with the district policy so as to ensure the acceptance of reports.

Checks the categorical reports and grants for appropriateness of expenses to enable the auditing procedures

Supports in the preparation of yearly district budget for categorical programs and grants to ensure that the expenses are balanced to the revenues.

Prepares monetary year-end concluding entries so as to facilitate clean audit.

Arranges and interprets the reports related to grant expenses to the district program managers in charge.

Interprets accounting policies and set of laws from the Local and Federal agencies.

Serves as link to the granting agencies and district departments to obtain and provide constant information regarding the regulations.

Arranges financial statements and reports, and studies them to provide chronological information, exact fiscal projections and reports, etc.

Manages the record of financial transactions such as deposits, journals, transfers, etc. and verifies and posts the closing entries in the end of the fiscal year for preparing the yearly financial accounts for reporting and auditing purposes.

Analyses and interprets the investment activity; assigns dividends, interest, losses, gains, fees, and beneficiary payments; for preparing yearly financial statements.

Evidently, an accountant has a crucial role in an organisation. Thus the selection of an accountant must be done carefully and if needed professional assistance of a recruitment agency should be taken.

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